Quick User Guide to Ima crankbaits

Welcome! Thank you for visiting. There’s something for every reader, from newbie to expert, to learn here about Ima crankbaits. It’s quick, clear to understand and we hope it helps guide you to pick the perfect Ima crankbait for your next fishing trip!

We’re pleased that Ima bass fishing crankbaits have caught on (pun intended) and proven very good to anglers with large amounts of bass caught and plenty of rod-bending excitement across the globe wherever bass are found, Ima Lures will work swell there.

Here’s a quick user guide to Ima’s most spectacular, starting with two very productive Ima crankbaits being the Shaker and Beast Hunter.


The Shaker excels in shallow, clear water as a cover contact crankbait on a slow to medium retrieve. The Shaker’s not something to go to first in dirty water or for a fast burning retrieve, but in clear or lightly stained water, fish come out of every nook, cranny and hiding spot to grab it after the Shaker bounces off anything in shallow water! It’s addictive when you can feel the Shaker bump off cover and see bass materialize out from underneath to snatch it. That never gets old.

Beast Hunter

Another fave, the Beast Hunter is a deep cover contact crankbait that excels in the big bass attack zone of 8 to 12 feet deep. It does not matter what water color with it. The diving lip is heavy duty so you can crank as fast as you want, really grinding it if that’s what you want to do. It truly lives up to its name because anglers have caught bigger bass on average with the Beast Hunter than many other lures or crankbaits.

The Beast Hunter in action

How to use it is simple – crank it down to that 8-12 foot depth and run it into anything in between you and the Beast Hunter. The more you bang off anything, the more and bigger bass you will catch!

Pin Jack

The Pin Jack is arguably the most popular Ima crankbait of all. Why? The Pin Jack catches large quantities of bass of all sizes at that easy-fishing 4 to 6 foot depth. Again, contact is king – rocks, boulders, logs, brush, docks, bridges, you name it.

As with the Beast Hunter, the Pin Jack diving lip is heavy duty…ideal for burning and banging anything – and that feature causes the wide wobble and vibration that lets the Pin Jack and Beast Hunter attract bass in any water clarity from clear to stained to muddy.

Square Bill

The Ima Square Bill is what we call our best “in between” or search bait because you can use the Square Bill in between spots to cover a lot of open water just junk fishing bare or featureless banks with an isolated bush, rock or dark spot as you use the trolling motor to move from one spot to the next nearby spot.

The Square Bill (as was pointed out with the Pin Jack) is one of those “numbers” baits that catch many bass of all sizes – and that makes it the ideal search bait for “in between” or just trying to flush out where schools of bass may be located on a long expanse of shoreline.

The Square Bill only dives a few feet deep, so it is not going to hang you up on bottom and it comes through isolated cover well without snagging, so you can keep the trolling motor torqued up and not have to stop to unsnag the lure.

This vigorous lure’s action and vibration is “loud” as it calls bass over to investigate in any water clarity. Even in clear, cover-void expanses of open banks between spots, the calling power and “distance” serves to conceal or provide cover for the Square Bill as well as the bass use distance instead of cover as an ambush advantage in clear water. Remember, the first bass to rush over wins the prize – and distance can be effective cover for bass to use to ambush bait in clear water. The Square Bill calls them out of that “cover.”

Suspending Vibe – New for 2017

Many anglers have not yet had a chance to discover their most productive and exciting tactics to use with the brand new Suspending Vibe – but get one in your hands, and let the fun begin!

One technique you certainly will want to explore is the deadly “double pump.”

Start by first raising or lifting the rod tip from approximately 9-10 to 11-12 o’clock. That is the first pump.

At the very “top” of the pump, execute a second shorter, sharper flick (the “double pump”) to make the Suspending Vibe “blow out “ or flare its sides when it’s at the top of the first pump (11-12 o’clock) – followed by a split-second pause before you lower the rod tip.

Use the reel only to recover slack line while lowering the rod on the downstroke. Most strikes came with the rod held high, the instant after the second short pump and pause.

Another time you’ll want to try the Suspending Vibe is whenever bass are breaking the surface or schooling on top. You can cover a lot of water quickly with the Suspending Vibe at those times, often waiting to cast to individual breaks as quickly as you can. This is a great time to try Ima’s wide range of topwater lures as well, but when the action subsides, you may find you actually caught more bass some days by spot-casting and speed-reeling the Suspending Vibe through surfacing fish!

For anglers walking the bank, the Suspending Vibe also offers a unique advantage when fishing from shore. It suspends only a few feet deep and doesn’t sink like a rock like other lipless crankbaits – so you won’t snag the Suspending Vibe as often as other lipless lures.

Rock ‘N Vibe

The advantage to exploit with the Rock ‘N Vibe is it sinks and can be counted down deeper than other Ima floating/diving or suspending crankbaits. The Ima Suspending Vibe and Square Bill run only a few feet deep. The Shaker dives just a little deeper. The Pin Jack descends 4 to 6 feet deep. The Beast Hunter hunts in the big bass attack zone 8 to 12 feet deep. Actual depth depends on the line type, line diameter, distance cast, rod tip position, retrieve speed and hook weight (in the case of the Suspending Vibe).

The Rock ‘N Vibe can be counted down to 10, 15, even 20 feet deep if you are patient. Bass almost never see lipless crankbaits down that deep, and the Rock ‘N Vibe has an advantage over other lipless lures in that the Rock ‘N Vibe sinks in a more orderly, tangle-free manner than other lipless crankbaits.

Once the Rock ‘N Vibe has been counted down to the target depth, use a lift-and-fall or even a vertical jigging presentation to catch deep-dwelling bass on the Rock ‘N Vibe.

We hope this quick user guide has helped you to understand and to know the perfect Ima crankbait to pick for your next fishing trip. Some of the best days will be when all these Ima lures come into play for you at different moments, spots, various depths and situations you encounter throughout the day. Soon, you will become an Ima crankbait maestro using all Ima crankbaits in concert to your best advantage to maximize your fish catching success. Thank you again for visiting and good luck fishing with your wide-ranging Ima Lures crankbait family.