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Ima Japan

Ima Japan is one of the most prestigious hard lure manufacturers throughout Japan. ima earned its reputation by creating an extremely extensive and premium product line up for both fresh and salt water. The ima brand was launched throughout Japan in April of 1998 capturing the inshore market with the release of the komomo SF-125, a super shallow runner that runs true at about 1foot below the surface. Almost immediately, Japanese anglers realized the komomo’s fish catching ability and made it one of Japan’s best selling lures, reaching the 1,000,000-unit mark since its debut. The ima brand is now marketed world wide including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore, Japan and North and South America.

Ima originates from the first three letters from the English word “imagination”. ima feels that an angler will always make their imagination work for them, and they will always enjoy the process of doing so. ima is dedicated to assist the angler with their imagination and provides lures that produce excellent results. Their product development is thus motivated on keeping the angler’s trust and imagination sharp.

The ima brand prides itself for being the leader in lure innovation. ima’s designers possess degrees at top Japanese Universities in either Marine Studies or engineering degrees specializing in CAD systems. This coupled with being hardcore fisherman enables ima to get a concept – to a prototype – to a perfected lure at record speeds with the utilization of CNC machines.

Ima Japan continues to make headway in the U.S. market by teaming up with several B.A.S.S. Elite and FLW touring pros to design and create new baits for the U.S. anglers to enjoy.

Please expect to see only the best from ima, as the folks at ima hope to make all your fishing dreams come true!