Angler: Fred Roumbanis

What Fred says about his bait. – “The ROUMBA is an extremely versatile bait that I’ll have tied on at least one rod year round. No matter what lake I go to across the country I know I’ll be able to get ‘em good on a ROUMBA. The reason is simple; I can imitate several types of baitfish with this bait. It can be used as a crawfish scooting right above shallow hydrilla, a frog hoppin’ around open water lilly pads, a rat or mouse skitting across the surface, or a bluegill coming up to sun.


Surface retrieve – Best action semi-taught line rod tip up 11 oclock.

  • Dog walking – Does it on its own. Doesn’t take a lot of skill.

Pause when going next to structure. Quick retrieve and get trigger bite.

  • Open water lilly pads, frog type bait.
  • Beaver Creek – AR – standing timber for spotted bass.
  • Exactly how a mouse swims across a surface.

Sub surface pop and go.


Hidden Sound – Helps Catch schooling fish; catch the trigger fish by the enticing sound. Even without the rattles and prop it makes a natural clicking sound.


The ROUMBA is a unique bait that creates a natural wake by “wobbling” side to side along the water’s surface while producing an enticing sound that makes fish bite. This bait is designed to work best when fished over shallow aquatic grass, such as milfoil and hydrilla. It’s also extremely effective around boat docks, lay-downs, brush piles, and standing timber.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ROUMBA produces best results when fished with a medium heavy action, 7-foot rod. A monofilament or copolymer, 12-17 lb. test line will help produce the best action. Fish the bait with a slow, steady retrieve. Be sure to keep the rod tip up and get ready for a massive bass explosion!