SW Vibe


Precision made for Perfect Performance on Every Cast.

This sleek 3-1/4″ long 3/4 ounce rocket cuts through the air as effortlessly as it slices down into the ocean depths. The streamlined Vibe 80 sinks and can be counted down to any depth. Its best to let it sink on a tight line rather than a slack line. With a tight line, you are prepared to get strikes even as the Vibe 80 sinks on a tight line slide without reeling in.

Going Deep with the Vibe –

In fact, if the water is deep enough or the current strong enough, you can simply cast the Vibe 80 uptide, quartering the current, and keep some line tension by reeling ever-so-slowly as the Vibe 80 pendulums back down tide toward you. Calibrate the distance and angle of the cast, depending on the strength of the tide, so the Vibe 80 barely ticks the sea floor directly in front of you. At that moment, the Vibe 80 will do an about face in the tide, a 180 degree switch in the way it is facing and start to rise up as it stems the tide. Do it right, and you well get belted often just as the Vibe 80 turns around and starts to swing up off bottom.

Shallow Maneuvering –

To work it shallower or to keep the Vibe 80 high in the water column, simply start reeling immediately as soon as the Vibe 80 hits the water. Then by manipulating the rod tip angle and retrieval speed, the Vibe 80 can be kept anywhere from a few to about eight feet deep on a steady retrieve. Of course, counting it down on a tight line slide lets the Vibe 80 dive even deeper.

The Design –

The Vibe 80 has a narrow almost knife-like head giving way to a widened tail section. It’s no coincidence that the lure’s swimming movement also has a narrower shudder in the head and a wider swagger at the tail. Overall, it has a furious vibration and frantic wriggling action like a startled critter hightailing it out of the area. It has a more intense action than you usually see in a lure. Yet at the same time, it is natural-looking.

The intense vibrating action is due to water pressure pushing the body rapidly back and forth several times per second. The Vibe 80 beats feverishly, making your rod tip shudder. The entire lure, including the super sharp Owner St-46 trebles and forged split rings wobble and vibrate vigorously.

Constantly keeping it swimming is a great way to cover a lot of water quickly. Don’t be afraid to go a little faster than normal with the Vibe 80 as often speed is a great strike trigger. Many other saltwater lures cannot be sped up or they’ll flip out and roll over on their backs. Not only can the Vibe 80 perform faster and deeper than most other plugs, but its dense aerodynamic design lets you cast it incredibly far, even into the teeth of a strong onshore blow. Make the Vibe 80 your next lure.