SW Komomo


The slender baitfish shape and action that made the Ima brand legendary among Japanese saltwater anglers.
Now in the USA.

The slim komomo is shaped like a baitfish and casts like an arrow. There’s no protruding diving lip to ruin the natural appearance and rob precious distance on the cast.

The secret to its surprising long distance is not only the arrow-like shape, but there is a raceway engineered inside the komomo’s body. That lets two dense tungsten ball weights roll down the raceway into the very tail tip of the komomo upon casting. Unlike other lures that have fixed weight systems, the Komomo can be much lighter yet still cast much farther because all thedense tungsten weight is in the tail on the cast. When fully armed with its three Owner hooks, the komomo weighs 1/2 ounce, but due to the shifting tungsten weights inside, the komomo goes the distance like a much heavier lure.

When it first splashes down, the heavily weighted tail causes the komomo to sit almost vertical, straight up and down in the water.

As soon as the retrieve is started, the pull of the fishing line causes the tungsten weights to roll back down the raceway and into the belly of the komomo where there is a baffle that holds the weights precisely at the center of balance for the duration of the retrieve. With the weights automatically repositioned and secured by the baffle mechanism, the komomo now sits perfectly horizontal in the water.

At 5-1/4 inches long, the slender body shape resembles many baitfish found in all bays and oceans. The swimming action imitates such long, slender baitfish too. The komomo action can be described as more of a roll. Once you see it, you will recognize the sender baitfish movement the komomo imitates so well.

Under normal conditions, the komomo maintains a consistent swimming depth about one foot or so below the surface.

Ideal action can be gotten on a slow retrieve and slow-moving water. Again, the action is more of a roll. As you slowly retrieve it, the komomo innately wants to stop and pause a lot if you let it, which is very natural and how a slender baitfish would act. The lifelike slow-rolling movement is a perfect visual attractant at such special moments as those calm daybreaks and serene sunsets when ocean gamefish cruise the sea surface looking for an easy meal.

The komomo can also be retrieved fast by the angler, or it can be cast into fast-moving water, and the komomo will still work as intended even in a fast current or on a fast retrieve. You will again notice the remarkable similarity of the action to long slender baitfish that must swim much harder, almost gyrating from side to side in a wide S-shaped arc in fast water. The komomo will closely mimic its natural baitfish counterparts as the komomo also arcs widely from side to side when moved quickly.

The three Owner ST-46 #3 hooks leave little excuse for a lunging predator to not get hooked, and the ABS body is practically indestructible.

The komomo SF-130 Slim imitates slender baitfish everywhere they are found, meaning 70% of the planet’s surface. Shouldn’t you be throwing the komomo?