SW ImaGene


Splice a Gene on your line and start cloning like crazy.

For inshore saltwater anglers, the diversity of five inch plastic lipped minnow plugs has always been one of the most productive yet also most frustrating lures ever made. On the positive side, the class of five inch minnow plugs imitate the many small, prolific baitfish that thrive in coastal estuaries, inlets, tidal rivers and along the open ocean surf. These small baitfish seek the sanctuary of the shoreline where light tackle works best. Bigger plugs are rendered ineffective under these conditions. When gamefish are scouring the shallows for these small skinny minnows, you better match the hatch – or go fishless.

On the negative side, however, a major frustration with most other five inch minnow plugs are they do not cast well, even with light tackle. When there is even a mild wind in your face, most other five inch minnow plugs waffle in the wind like you are casting potato chips and you spend too much time untangling snarls in your line. Another negative is most five inch minnow plugs become unbalanced and flip out, rising to the surface and fluttering helplessly on top in a strong tidal flow. Most other five inch minnows can only be used in relatively calm, slow moving water.

On the other hand, the Ima Gene 130 equals and exceeds all the positives and has none of the negatives of other five inch minnows. The Ima Gene’s strong ABS plastic body is heavy duty right down to its super strong forged split rings and Owner treble hooks. The diving lip is sleek and unobtrusive for better, longer casts even against an ocean breeze. Two dense tungsten ball weights slide down into the tail section on the cast, causing the Gene to knife through the air an amazing distance. Upon the retrieve, the tungsten balls roll back into a chamber in the front section of the Gene, where they add stability and action.

Best of all, the Gene excels in strong currents and fast tidal flows where other five inch minnows tend to fail miserably. The Gene hunkers down and swims strongly with a hard side-to-side swagger even in moderate to rough surf or strong tide conditions.

Not a deep swimmer, the Gene is 5-1/4 inches long, weighs 1/2 ounce and tends to swim a few feet beneath the surface, based on current velocity and retrieve speed. Its action can best be described as a fast and hard swimming swagger, the degree of action depending on the force of the current and retrieve speed. One action it won’t take is to flip out and become ineffective. The Gene thrives in a hard tide or swift current.

The Gene is carefully designed to go the distance, even against the wind, and to hunker down and stay stable even in white-foamed surf or fast-moving tidal rips. Get the Gene. It’s ingenious!