SW Gyodo 90


There’s nothing else quite like it. Casts an incredible distance.

It’s tough to tell you exactly what the Heavy Surfer is. It’s one of those things you need to experience firsthand in order to understand it. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary plug with its plastic diving lip and rich, lustrous holographic finish. But pick one up, and the dense feel is unlike any plug you’ve held in your hand before.

At 3-1/2 inches long, the Heavy Surfer weighs over one ounce. It is the longest casting plug that ima manufactures, so you better make sure you have enough line on your spool to handle the Heavy Surfer!

As much as it looks like a plug, the Heavy Surfer behaves more like a jigging spoon or a block tin squid (used by North Atlantic surf casters) or a candy bar (for all you West Coast “iron” chuckers). It can be bottom bounced like the venerable diamond jig or heave and haul it with a lift and drop technique. It’s best to follow the Heavy Surfer down with the rod tip and a tight line on the downstroke, since most strikes occur on the downstroke.

In the surf, like a block tin squid, the Heavy Surfer can simply be reeled through the foaming white water where it will get pounded by heavy surf fish hanging off the tips of points and sand bars. The action of the Heavy Surfer imitates not just baitfish. The veering, waffling, wavering, hectic hopping and darting imitates the actions and natural evasive movements of shrimp, squid and crabs too.

Indeed it is tough to describe the Heavy Surfer, but the results it produces are unmistakable. You’ll be glad you tried this innovative and unique lure style. There’s nothing else quite like it.