Skim Grande and Carry a Little Stik (

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Date: 7/26/14
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: ima
Reviewer: Cal

Introduction: Anyone who’s had the opportunity to fish a lure from ima knows that the company’s product is case in point as to why so many anglers seek lures from Japanese companies. The attention to detail, quality of finishes, and assembly of their lures is just so clean. This year, ima downsizes one of their more popular lures, and upsizes another!

The original Big Stik made away with Editor’s Choice honors on TackleTour.

Little Stik 135: ima’s Big Stik ran away with Editor’s Choice honors in our review of the product back in 2011, but for many, that big profile topwater bait is too much for everyday situations. It was only a matter of time before this very effective lure would be subject to the downsizing trend that’s hit a lot of bait companies in recent years.

But the new Little Stick 135 promises to be even more popular.

Fred Roubanis, ima pro-staff and Elite Series pro, is excited over the new profile in this bait and is quotes as saying, “I love the original, but it’s too big for many places. This one will be more of a tournament-sized bait. You’ll be able to use it coast to coast, from brim beds to the shad spawn, and of course, the blueback lakes are where it’ll really be a big deal.”

Where one bait is downsized, the other is upsized. Here’s a look at the Skimmer Grande 125.

Skimmer Grande 125: To even things out on the bait scale, where ima downsized one bait, they’ve upsized the Skimmer to a new 125 millimeter profile. Bill Lowen is excited for this bait explaining, “The original is a true finesse topwater. This one will have that same great action but it will move more water. With more water displacement, you’ll be able to fish it in a chop when it’s windier.”

ima continues to refine a very solid lineup of baits.

Conclusion: Also announced at the show was a new price structure for the majority of ima baits – a drop from $16.99 to $9.99. A few, more niche baits will remain at $16.99 and be rebranded under the ima Select. With an official presence in the US market since 2007, we’ve witnessed quality product after quality product released by ima. Refinement may have been the rule for this year in the Stik and Skimmer baits, but sometimes, that’s all you need when looking at a portfolio full of solid product.