Rattlin Roumba



TEMECULA, California – Two years ago, Ima lures and Elite Series pro Fred Roumbanis combined to introduce American anglers to the wake-baiting phenomenon through the release of the Ima Roumba, a wide-wobbling lure that since then has captured the fancy of big bass anglers from coast to coast. But recently the two-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier has worked diligently to enhance the lure that was already the leader in its class – he’s worked with Ima’s engineers to create a version with rattles.

From a distance, the newer Roumba looks exactly like the old one, but cast it out and wind it back and you’ll hear the difference immediately. Three internal rattles produce a rhythmic pulse that calls fish from far away.

Roumbanis said that the rattling version will be his “go-to” lure when the water is dirty, but in many instances he’ll have both tied on and ready to deploy. For example, on tidal waters he’ll have both models ready to go. “At low tides, when the water pulls the sediment off of the vegetation and it gets clear, I like the silent version,” he said. “But when the tide is high and it’s a little harder to see that rattling one will call them from long distances.”

Fellow Ima pro and noted river rat Bill Lowen agreed: “I love the original version but this one will be great in dirtier water, especially around grass.” Lowen believes that the lure’s most notable characteristic, the one that distinguishes it from the competition, is its ultra-wide wobble.

“It comes through water willow and lay down logs with ease,” Lowen said. “I never thought a wake bait could come through grass, pads and wood like this one does, but it comes through clean every time. I continue to be amazed by it every day.” While heavy cover is where it shines, he also uses it next to docks, on bluff banks and even in open water.

Matt Paino, Vice President Sales of Ima Lures said that consumer demand necessitated this slight modification, and that he expects consumer response to be exceptionally positive. While the lure retains the same 3-inch size as the original with the same high-tech components and the same signature action, it will be available in 6 new colors specifically requested and perfected by the Ima pros.

The Rattlin’ Roumba will retail for $16.99.

ABOUT IMA LURES: Established in 1998, Ima Japan is one of the most prestigious and renowned manufacturers of hard baits for both saltwater and freshwater species in Japan. Since developing a United States office in 2007, the company has been the leader in bringing innovative, imaginative and realistic pro-inspired lures to the American Market. Ima products are marketed and distributed in the US through Optimum Bait Company in Temecula, California.

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