No Guts, No Glory

ima Quality starts from the inside out!


Length: 175mm, 7in.

Weight: 50g, 1.75 oz

Type: Pencil Surface Popper

Hooks: Owner ST-66 #1/0

Length: 100mm, 3.9 in
Weight: 9.4g, 3/8oz
Type: Suspends 3-5ft
ST Hooks: Owner -36 #6

Weight: ½ oz
Length: 120mm, 4.75”
Classification: Suspending Jerkbait
Profile – Sharply angled, triangular cross-section
Hook: Owner ST-36#6 (3 Hooks)


Weight: ½ oz
Length: 3 inches
Classification: Wake bait/Shallow Crank
Profile – Pudgy round body that features
frog like facial characteristics
Hook: Owner Inc ST-36#4 (2 Hooks)

Length: 65mm, 2.5 in
Weight: 14g, ½ oz
Type: Lipless Crank
Hooks: Owner ST-36 #6
Color Ring: 9 Colors

Weight: 3/8oz
Length: 70mm 2.75in
Classification: Shallow Crankbait
Profile – Flat sided, Thin lip
Hook: Owner ST-36#6 (2 Hooks)

Length: 110mm, 4.5in
Weight: 10g, 3/8oz
Classification: Top Water
Hooks: Owner ST-36 #6