Floating Flit 120



With the same profile as the original, Ima has added a floating version to its existing series. Based off the original design of Professional Angler and Fisheries Biologist, Michael Murphy, the Bone Floating Flit 120 is slightly lighter in weight, and made of a more buoyant plastic that keeps it higher in the water column.

Under development for quite some time, the Bone Floating Flit 120 was first introduced and tested on Japan’s Lake Biwa, a lake made famous for a world record Largemouth that tied a long standing record.  It was this proving ground where the new Bone Floating Flit 120 was tweaked and perfected to effectively mimic forage and increase strikes around shallow areas with grass or shoreline cover.  Notable are the brightly colored lips, which are attributed to help visually track the lure, and make for some incredibly brutal visual strikes.

The Bone Floating Flit 120 is best fished in either a jerk-pause retrieve or a slow methodical walking motion with the rod held upward to keep slack line off of the water.

“The strikes you get on this lure are really explosive, like what you’d get on a frog,” says Michael Murphy. “And because the bills are painted in bright colors, it works like a strike indicator to easily see how the lure is behaving.”

The floating Flit is available in four colors: Flash Bluegill Bone, Natural Bass Bone, Flash Bass Bone and Chartreuse Shad Bone.