Atkins wins Forrest Wood Cup with Little Stik 135

Alabama’s Justin Atkins won the biggest event of his career with our Little Stik 135 topwater in chrome. Below you will find an excerpt from the FLW article recapping his win. To read the entire article, click here.


Of the 15 bass Atkins weighed, every one of them came on an ima Little Stick 135 in chrome, fished with a 7:1 gear ratio Abu Garcia reel, 30-pound-test braid and a 7-5 medium-heavy composite rod. Mostly he fired over and roughly around his cane piles, but he did catch some fish that were actively schooling near the piles. He figures he weighed in 11 bass that he “called up” and four that were actively busting.

One of the keys to his success was calling up more fish than average late in the day, and he did that with a slight cadence change for his topwater.

After walking it fast in the morning, Atkins slowed down to what he characterized as a “winter jerkbait” cadence – just fast enough to keep the line from going too slack and to keep the bait moving toward the boat.

He wasn’t the only angler in the Top 10 who was fishing this bait. There were several anglers who were using the bait. Click here to read LAKE MURRAY TOP 10 BAITS. 

This is how a lure looks after catching almost 60 pounds of bass. Credit:

After the event, he shared with us how he was fishing the bait. Congrats, Justin!