SW Sasuke

Master of both domains – air and water – for long distance flight and incredible swimming action.

The 4-3/4 inch long Sasuke and its dished lip is remindful of a bottle plug used by surf anglers in the mid-Atlantic and New England. West coast salmon trollers may say the Sasuke’s lip looks somewhat like a “J” type plug but that’s where the similarities end. The Sasuke lip design is pure Ima. The tough, almost indestructible ABS plastic Sasuke is a distance-casting dynamo due to the shifting tungsten ball weights inside. The dense tungsten weights roll to the tail as the Sasuke hurtles an incredible distance on the cast, even into a stiff ocean breeze. Weighing 5/8 ounce, the Sasuke casts like a much heavier lure due to its shifting weight system.

On the retrieve, the two tungsten balls roll back down into the front section of the Sasuke, where a baffle mechanism locks the weights precisely in place in the internally-engineered retrieval chamber so that now it is the nose of the Sasuke that’s weighted down for the duration of the retrieve.

The nose-weighted balance of the Sasuke gives it incredible stability even in the roughest heaves. Meanwhile the tail end, being free of weight, vibrates tightly and frantically on the retrieve.

The tight, intense swimming action of the Sasuke is remindful of the world ocean’s many plentiful herring and shad species. All gamefish everywhere feed on shad and herring, and the Sasuke closely imitates the swimming movements of these deep-bodied baitfish.

Under normal conditions, the Sasuke swims about 3 feet beneath the surface, but will dive deeper while staying stable in stronger currents.

In addition to its tight, vibrating action on a steady retrieve, the Sasuke also darts well. The erratic and sudden nature of a darting baitfish can be a tremendous strike trigger. It may be the natural ebb and flow of the waves and the pull of the backwash that causes the Sasuke to suddenly dart and lunge forward or the skillful rod action of an expert angler who artfully darts it, then pauses momentarily to entice the unforgettable smashing strike of a powerful ocean gamefish.

  • (Length) 120mm-4.75”
  • (Weight) 18g – 5/8oz
  • (Lure Type) Slow Floating
  • (Depth Range) 70-90cm (2.5ft-3ft)
  • (Action) Wobbling & Rolling
  • (Hook) Owner Inc. ST-46#6, 3hooks

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