Designed by professional angler and Fisheries Biologist Michael Murphy, the new Ima Glide Fluke is a two-segmented bait that offers a new twist in the hard bait category. The Glide Fluke can walk, glide and swim.

The floating version works well when fished as a wake bait. The sinking model quivers as it falls and the possibilities of fishing the bait are endless.

Key Features:

  • Realistic 3D eyes
  • Grooved head design for better lure action
  • Extended rear hook placement for better hookups

Length: 125mm and 178mm


  • 125mm Floating 23g, Sinking 28g.
  • 178mm Floating 70g, Sinking 80g

Type: Floating and sinking models available

103 – Bluegill

185 – Chrome

195 – Half Metallic Ayu

196 – Half Metallic Blueback

197- Ghost Blue Gizzard

198 – The Natural